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Sanctuaries of Childhood

Nurturing a Child's Spiritual Life
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Foreword Book of the Year & Next Generation Awards Winner

A wise and creative approach to nurture a child's spiritual life that is effective and full of love. For parents and caregivers of all faiths and philosophies to discover the sacred in ordinary moments of family life. Through simple rituals, blessings, verses, and songs, Sanctuaries of Childhood will help you to enliven your home and family with joy, beauty, and peace, and will nurture your spirit, too. (See companion keynote talk: Sanctuaries of Family Life). 158 pages. $15.95 USD


"If every parent on earth read and absorbed this book we would know peace on earth." – Blythe Rowan, LILIPOH Magazine

"...poems, stories, music, and prayers, selected with extraordinary sensitivity for the world and experience of childhood. Sanctuaries of Childhood is useful not only to members of traditional religious communities, but also to the many who feel disconnected from organized religion but who understand the importance of transcendence and love in the human community." – Jerry L. Folk, Former Executive Director, Wisconsin Council of Churches

"Shea Darian... has done it again! Out of the many books on the market I have read, Sanctuaries actually delivers the spiritual goods." – Marelu Greco, Unity Church Youth & Family Minister

"...a remarkable book." – David Alsop, Former chairman of AWSNA

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