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Doing Grief in Real Life - PDF E-book

A Soulful Guide to Navigate Loss, Death & Change
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Nautilus Award & IPPY Book Award Winner - Psychology/Mental Health

Filled with healing wisdom, inspirational stories, and practical ideas, Doing Grief in Real Life is a personable, engaging, family-friendly guide that makes learning about grief a growth-inspiring, life-shifting event. Darian offers her Model of Adaptive Grieving Dynamics as an invaluable compass to guide you on your way to healing. She'll inspire you to become your own best grief expert and encourage your loved ones of all ages to do the same. Read it and let the healing begin. Nautilus & IPPY Book Awards Winner

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"Shea Darian has done something remarkable-created a well-written, practical, soulful book designed for those who are actively grieving and those who want to know about the process of grief intellectually for themselves and others. Her emphasis on the wholeness of grief-body, mind, heart and spirit, is spot on. Her Model of Adaptive Grieving Dynamics is a welcome and timely addition to the field of grief. Doing Grief in Real Life is a sure guide, just as she is." – Jim Miller, D.Min., founder of Willowgreen, author of When Mourning Dawns

"Shea has written a book that speaks to the heart and soul of who we are as humans. The compass she offers us for navigating the change and loss that we will all experience is nothing short of life-changing. And Shea does it with a voice that embraces readers and makes them feel like they are sitting in their living room with her as she shares her wisdom. Doing Grief in Real Life will be a gift to all readers who have the good fortune to open up its pages." – Dr. David Boninger, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Glendale Community College

"Books come to us at special moments in our lives. Before I knew it, I was enmeshed, taking notes, and doing the Contemplations. Through stories, poetry, personal contemplations, helpful quotations, and research, Shea shows that each person's grief is unique. Her subtitle is "A Soulful Guide to Navigate Loss, Death & Change." She promises this, and she delivers it with grace and love." – Betty Staley, M.A., Waldorf Educator, author of Tending the Spark

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