Healing the Whole Griever

A Guided Meditation from Doing Grief in Real Life

Grief. It isn’t just an emotion. It can be a physical sensation or a way of thinking. It can be a fidgety frustration that takes over when you stop to dwell on your loss. Grief can present itself as an illness or a spiritual crisis. It can be a raw burning in your chest, or a lifting of a veil that once protected some aspect of your innocence or naïveté. It can even come as a bittersweet love of what used to be.

What is grief to you? This guided audio meditation takes you on a journey to discover how grief lives in your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Listen well to your grief, because when you get to know your grief, you can forge your own best path to healing.

Self-Care: Before listening, you may want to create a quiet, healing space for yourself. You may want to gather paper and pen/cil to reflect in writing. If your grief is especially present and raw for you, please ask a qualified counselor or spiritual director to guide you through this process. Use this meditation as it’s useful to you. You know your healing path better than anyone.

Contemplation 4 from Doing Grief in Real Life by Shea Darian

Be blessed and a blessing.

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Published by Shea

Shea Darian, M.Div. is a family and grief educator, spiritual care provider, and award-winning author of Doing Grief in Real Life (Nautilus Award; IPPY Award) and Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day. Shea is the creator of the Model of Adaptive Grieving Dynamics, published in the journal Illness, Crisis & Loss, Vol. 22(3), 2014. Books on family spirituality include Sanctuaries of Childhood: Nurturing a Child's Spiritual Life (Foreword Book of the Year Award) and Living Passages for the Whole Family: Celebrating Rites of Passage from Birth to Adulthood (Nautilus Award; Next Generation Indie Book Awards). Connect@DoingGrief.com