Helping Children Reconnect with Loved Ones Who Die

A free download to offer some practical guidance in these trying times. Forever After by Shea Darian ~ A reprint from Lilipoh magazine. “The problem with much of the advice being doled out to parents and caregivers concerning death is that it fails to balance the finality of death with the fact that–in one wayContinue reading “Helping Children Reconnect with Loved Ones Who Die”

Doing Grief in Real Life ~ E-book on sale now!

It’s been over a decade since I started writing this book. It has been through many transformations – like me. Like all of us. This seems to be the perfect timing to hand it over to the grievers and healers who really need it. Buy the E-book today or reserve your print copy softcover edition.Continue reading “Doing Grief in Real Life ~ E-book on sale now!”

Labyrinth Speaks

This poem was written for the dedication service of the Labyrinths at the Palms with gratitude to all those who had a hand in this creation, especially our joyous and fearless leader, Max Klinkenborg, and to all those who walk these sacred paths. Labyrinth Speaks: A Story of My Becoming by Shea Darian I amContinue reading “Labyrinth Speaks”