“Doing Grief” Wins Coveted Nautilus Award

I’m delighted to announce that my book, Doing Grief in Real Life won a silver medal in the 2023 Nautilus Awards. The Nautilus Book Awards judge independent authors alongside big and small traditional presses and recognize books that focus on spiritual growth, green values and sustainability, wellness, and positive social change. Past winners include BarbaraContinue reading ““Doing Grief” Wins Coveted Nautilus Award”

Making Your Grief Useful  

Grief. Grieving. What’s the difference? Grief is to grieving as the eye is to seeing, as the ear is to hearing. Think of grief as an invisible organ of perception. Think of the difference between grief and grieving as the difference between what a person is and what a person does. Grief is a partContinue reading “Making Your Grief Useful  “

Laughing in the Face of Loss

Some say that the only way to heal grief is to face it and “move through” the pain. I beg to differ. Healing grief is more of a dance. It is holding grief close and letting it go. It is thinking about it and not thinking about it, talking about it and not talking aboutContinue reading “Laughing in the Face of Loss”

Griever, Know Thyself

Self-awareness. As adults, there’s no getting around it. You can try, of course, and many of us die trying. So it may be tempting to move speedily through this holiday season without pausing to consider the ins and outs of your intimate relationship with grief. There’s no crime in that if it works for you.Continue reading “Griever, Know Thyself”

Defining Grief on Your Own Terms

Before you know how to heal your grief, you have to get to know the grief that is yours to heal. Put simply, grief is the spontaneous suffering you experience when you are subject to a real or imagined loss of someone or something you greatly value or cherish. But what makes grief so difficultContinue reading “Defining Grief on Your Own Terms”

The Grief in Our Gratitude

We settlers call it “Thanksgiving.” They who were here before us call it “National Day of Mourning.” We remember noble natives sharing fruits and labor, a table spread, wisdom given. They remember 12 million massacred by those who feasted at their table and came wanting more.  We sought our freedom at any cost. They paidContinue reading “The Grief in Our Gratitude”

Knowing Nothing of Grief But Your Own

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is my hero. But her five stages of grief are not. Kubler-Ross was a pioneer in the death and dying movement – bringing understanding, compassion and a sense of community to the dying and their families. She also gave us a simple explanation of the grieving process we could understand and remember. TheContinue reading “Knowing Nothing of Grief But Your Own”

Living With Your Grief

Physical death is often regarded as the ultimate grief-striking loss – the common denominator of our species. But death is hardly the most common loss we humans endure. Some of us make it all the way to middle age without experiencing the death of an intimate or seriously contemplating the inevitability of our own physicalContinue reading “Living With Your Grief”